Friday, June 13, 2008

its time to cut the cord....

for all of my 10 readers out there, i apologize for not taking the time to put my heart and soul into this blog. unfortunately, i have gotten too swamped (which is not a bad thing). i am having trouble keeping my head above water. my husband says i have lost it...maybe i have! but i have realized that i need more help. which is why i am about to stop typing and fill out an application to put taylor into childcare...omg, i can't believe i am doing this. i went on a tour of the building yesterday and i started crying! the nice lady looked at me (i was trying to act like i was really excited about the experience as crocodile tears were filling up in my eyes) and she says "sometimes this is the best thing for the mothers who need help letting their children go"...yup, i guess i am that mother. i like having my babysitter help me out and being able to be at home w/ taylor. i do struggle w/ having a professional phone call w/ her screaming bloody murder in the background. so, i am reluctantly signing my kid's life away. i am sure she will be fine...and i will survive too.


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