Monday, July 7, 2008

rise and shine....

i use to think my mom was crazy b/c she woke up at 5:30 in the i am that person. for the past week, i have been waking up at 5:48 randomly. and once my eyes open, my mind starts's crazy. i look at the clock, then at warren, then try and close my eyes and think happy thoughts like you have a whole hour to sleep uninterrupted (gosh, that use to be the best feeling...waking up and then discovering that you still had time to sleep before heading off to school or work). but my mind has another agenda...things to do. its like my to-do list is running thru my head. i'm not stressed out; if anything i am excited. i actually love my job and what i do.
so there i was in the bed thinking instead of that one hour of sleep that i use to long for, how nice it would be to get up and have an hour of peace and quite without, internet searching, doing my blog, starting my "to-do list"...and so here i am- great cup of coffee, 10 yr old faded sorority shirt, hair in a half bun/ ponytail, zit cream still plastered on my face, eyes barely open, and huge grin on my face b/c i have 30 minutes just to myself.....


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