Tuesday, August 19, 2008

aganthus green 472...

that is how i found her....you know when you are "searching" for things to write about and you look everywhere to try and find inspiration- well, i was flipping thru house beautiful and i "googled" phoebe howard b/c of her selection of green paint. i am secretly embarrassed b/c i have never even heard of her, much less glanced her way to view her website. for the last hour i have been in shock b/c of the beautiful interiors "mrs. howard" designs. i keep looking over and over again at the images...trying to decide which ones i want to put on my blog....i couldn't narrow them down; i left many others i wanted to share...phoebe (i feel like i can call you that b/c i have spent so much time w/ you this last hour), girl you rock!


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