Wednesday, October 22, 2008

other people's trash is my treasure....

well, here are the two things that caught my eye in the old, aqua phone and a floral, iron chandelier. i know, you are probably thinking i have lost my mind- my husband sure thinks so. but i think that the aqua phone totally says "shannon darby design"...i think it's so fun to answer my work calls on this!! right when i saw it, i remember these. and thanks to my wonderful husband and father in-law, they got the ol' beaut back working. now i just have to figure out how to hook it up to my fax machine and it can move into my office.
as for the chandelier, it still needs some TLC. i have no idea if it works still but hopefully my dad can rescue her if she doesn't. i haven't decided the perfect place for her yet (but i can see her in tay's room, my office, or a powder room). and i have no problem letting her sit in the garage until i decide (i am sure warren will love this). and for $30 why not?? she could resemble ruthie's kitchen light w/ a little white paint....
**isn't barron's face classic??!! that is exactly what warren's face looked like when he opened the trunk and saw her...ha!! guys, they just don't understand :)


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