Wednesday, April 8, 2009


the look is popping up everywhere, even in those pesky mail order catalogs that arrive at your house daily. the industrial look is something that makes my heart skip a beat. i don't need a whole house filled w/ stainless steel but little bits of it interjected into a space makes me happy. that is why when i saw the kitchen w/ the locker baskets, i freaked. that image quickly jumped to the top of my "favorites list". i found the article from country living and read the story on the designer, Aaron Foster, who created that awesome kitchen- everything was from ebay, home depot, or flea market fairs.....
then last night, i almost died when i saw please sir's locker set...ohhh, how i would kill to have that living in my house! she spotted it in college and knew she had to have it! oh the possibilities that locker set holds!! so i am on a mission...i will be searching every reStore, flea market, and restaurant supply company (i have never been to one...tay get ready, we have an outing)....i need a little more industrial in my this old metal desk from a french post office...wouldn't it be a perfect place to pay bills?!


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