Thursday, June 11, 2009

things that are making me happy this AM...

1) i have been grinning from ear to ear b/c i FINALLY put our DR table into our's been sitting in my parents and then our garage for over a yr....i cannot tell you how much i have enjoyed being able to just wipe up taylor's mess after eating vs. the antique wooden table that was there before...way less stressful! more on this later....

2) connie over at Linda & Harriett sent me wonderful samples of their beautiful letterpress note cards...i can't tell you how amazing they are (the mermaid and zig zag patterns are fab...they would make great wallpaper). and she wrote a sweet note on the notepad paper; i am dying to get this notepad and for $12 it won't break the bank...if you haven't checked out their designs, you are really missing out.

3) riding my new-to-me beach cruiser in the AM is so much fun (thanks dad)....sometimes i giggle to myself at how funny i must look trying to ride fast on this kind of bike. you know what the best part about getting out early is- seeing how people live- you catch the closet smokers on their walk, the lady who tries to run out in her robe to get the paper, the really in shape girl who can sport just the sport's bra and shorts and look great in it (i'm happy for her, really...i just hope she doesn't get too close to my bike tire)

4) i am getting my hair did :) thanks to my sweet in-laws, i will no longer have roots and can sport that summer blonde hair i love to pretend is real :) i mean come on, who at my age really is a true blonde??!!
HAPPY THURSDAY!! only one more day until the weekend :)
*image courtesy of me, linda and harriett, shelter, flickr


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