Thursday, July 23, 2009

mission accomplished.

bless her heart.
tay's poor hair is taking forever to grow...i mean forever. when she was born, i was so excited to have a little bald baby and thought by her first birthday she will be able to wear bows. well, that day came and went and tay still had very little hair. so we said, surely by her second b'day she will have hair...well, let's just say the hair has finally started growing, however, it has taken on a popular know the one: it's a mullet, long in the back/ short in the front. on tues, i said to warren 'i think it might be time for her first haircut''s getting a little out of control. but we looked at what they would cut off and we are scared it's going to make her look like a i decided to take matters into my own hands and headed to target to buy baby rubber solution was pigtails.
when i got home, i raced to her room and made two cute pigtails. taylor hated them...she cried and begged for me to take them out. warren said i was torturing her, so i reluctantly took them out. this morning, with warren out of the house (as if guys understand the importance of cute hair), i tried again...same thing....only this time, i didn't take them out. she cried for a little while but once i added the bow, she was sold. mission accomplished, for now at least.
*being the good mother that i am, i decided to set an example by trying out a new do myself: the tiny side braid made ever so popular by LC...luckily, my camera died before i could post a picture of it... :)
*images courtesy of me, glamour
**i had to erase the mullet pic...he was starting to scare me and making my blog ugly :)


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