Thursday, September 24, 2009

oh hey.

fancy meeting you here. see my day hasn't turned out the way i planned....
i woke up feeling awful, i drive tay to school, visualizing getting back in bed...*ring, ring- hello, we have an agent who wants to show your house today at lunch time {insert cuss word here}...seriously, my house is a disaster. i race home to clean and call mom (for some reason, it is easier to clean if i am talking on the phone), i get a beep, i continue to talk for another ummm 30 min....i hang up the phone. i check my messages...hi this is taylor's teacher, please come and pick her up, she is sick. my kid got kicked out of school. so i did what any mom would do in an ackward situation, i made warren go and get her :) i didn't want the wrath. i meet up w/ warren (i was sitting on a park bench sweating b/c my oil was being changed) and head to lunch...tay and i sit and stare at our food. neither of us are excited about what is in front of us. we finish lunch- still have 30 min to kill until the people who are looking at our house leave. drive in circles and stop at one of my stores- score an alabaster lamp. finally, we make it home (of course tay falls asleep in the car right when we are pulling into the neighborhood). i thought i could pick my child up and she would go effortlessly back to sleep once we were in the house...i attempt this.
*heavy sigh* peace and quite at last. i change clothes (a vintage sorority shirt...i mean do y'all still have those...this one's bid day 1998, it's HOT). i pull out the cupcake that my sweet husband brought me home and sit down to eat it. i am excited about the cupcake and my new lamp...
oh wait, fancy meeting you here: hey taylor, ohhhh you don't want to take a nap. GREAT. ohhhh you want some jello. hummmmm, sounds perfect. sweet, is that jello you are rubbing all over my leg. nice. oh and barron, would you lick that red jello off of the seagrass rug. thanks- that would be great.
you know, my day isn't working out the way i planned it. but hey, i hope yours is terrific.....


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