Monday, July 28, 2008

i hate your vacuum.....

its so funny how things in your life effect you....when my husband and i got married we had to do counseling w/ the church for what seemed like months (we had 10 lessons we had to attend). at first it seemed rather uncomfortable sitting there w/ the preacher talking about why we loved one another but as the weeks went on, it actually taught us a lot about each other.
each week, we had to read a chapter in this book and do a worksheet afterwards. one week we had to a lesson on how we were raised. it was like a questionnaire with duties and then columns on each side labeled mother, father, both. this was probably one of the most valuable lessons b/c what you had to do was circle which person did that specific duty in your family a.) your mom, b.) your dad, or c.) both. b/c that was what your perception on that specific duty would basically be going into your marriage. for would say who takes out the trash.... my answer was b. my dad (later i have learned that my mom does it a lot more) and in our marriage, warren generally is the garbage man.
anyways, what i have realized in my 4 yrs of marriage is how you are raised has a huge effect on "your life"...not that i need a book to point that out. well, the reason i am writing this in a round about way is because of a simple thing called a vacuum loving husband was raised on a canister vacuum cleaner. you would think something as simple as a vacuum cleaner wouldn't have that much effect on your life but i was raised on what i consider a normal vacuum...the upright kind. i HATE our vacuum cleaner, in fact, i love to blame that stupid thing on why i can't vacuum. it is the heaviest thing ever!!! it has these wheels on it that is somehow suppose to make the thing easier- give me a break!! i am sweating my butt off from vacuuming the house. i have to constantly tug on that thing, pick it up b/c it runs into the walls, add different parts to sucks- literally!! i almost took out my child this swift tug and she is history.
my mom can second my opinion...she hates that evil vacuum too (when i was on bed rest for a life time she helped out and tried vacuuming with that stupid canister)!! so to make a long story short...i wasn't raised on that evil canister vacuum...i am here to say my vacuum (the normal kind) is WAY better and so i think i need to boycott vacuuming until a normal kind arrives at our humble abode. no disrespect to my in-laws who are the best thing ever; i just dislike the vacuum you raised my husband on!!


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