Friday, July 25, 2008

so i didn't vote.....

so i think i need to confess...i am obsessed w/ so you think you can dance. its inevitable that i love this dance show considering i danced from the age of 2-18. my parents had to go to dance recitals for 16 yrs. and then on top of that, in high school, i did 4 yrs of dance team so they had to go to all of the school's preformances. my mother is even more obsessed then i's actually really funny. i think its because she is still upset that my grandmother made her quit ballet to do piano lessons (thank god, my mom didn't make me do that). she hasn't gotten over it. she goes way beyond just watching the show...she goes online and reads the blogs about it and you tubes it....that makes me laugh. i can't believe she hasn't already called me this AM to talk about the upset last night...will got voted off. she will probably die that i am letting out her little secret!! my grandmother is really passionate about politics; my mother is really passionate about so you think you can dance- she will talk all day about it (only to me one else knows until now)!!
i know that this is suppose to be a design blog but sometimes i just need to write what's on my mind (maybe i should have gone to the shows blog) and i cannot believe that one of the most technically trained dancers was voted off last night...i can't believe the two guys that were actually in the bottom two...i love both of them. but here i am ranting on about it and i don't even vote so i guess i can't really say much when it comes to who leaves the show!! anyways, i just thought i would make a confession....have a great weekend...will, you will be an amazing dancer and i can see alvin ailey in your near future....


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