Monday, October 27, 2008

things that inspire me....

so i think in the tough times that we are facing and might continue to face in the future, a source of encouragement is much needed. as an interior designer, i think it is our job to be creative with how to address the future in design. high end/ luxury items that are offered in this business are a lot harder to swallow when the economy is like it is today. that is why i think we, as designers, have to be proactive to show how inspiration and good design can come in many forms.
by my nightstand, i have cottage living's sept issue. i am in love the the article on a 70's ranch redo by david and tyler colgan. instead of building their dream home from scratch, they recycled a rancher....not by bulldozing it but keeping the structure and adding a face lift. they did the labor themselves and recycled the materials from tear downs in their neighborhood (so green). the transformation totally speaks for itself. while you might long for a new home, why not think about how you can take what you already have and make it special?? or if you are house hunting, why not give those "not so beautiful" homes a second look and think outside the box on how it could be reborn? i know that the colgan's house has really inspired me....


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